Tips For Your Web.

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Tips For Your Web.

Mensaje por ColombiaJ el Dom Sep 16, 2012 12:35 pm

1. - Before creating the web is convenient to create better mentally or on paper a sketch of the home page to get an idea of ​​how visually sort all elements such as menus, images, banners and animations.

2. - Before you develop content to be clear of what you speak and what not. ANDA serves to create a website about the mussels if you know nothing about them and just copy content from other websites or an encyclopedia. Unfortunately many people do this and it may end up paying dearly because copyrights are to be respected.

3. - Try to order all your ideas into different sections so that one is not much larger than the other, and for that you know clearly what section should go to find the information you seek. You should not be repetitive, new ideas and tries to classify them to insert in each of the sections of your site.

4. - Go easy on advertising. It is very well earn some money to buy a domain, exchange banners to increase visits, etc., But pop-ups pop-up, abuse of banners on the home page and things like that will make the user only not return to your site.

5. - Put a link in javascript like "Add to Favorites" to which the user has the option, just click in, to put your page to your browser's favorites. Sometimes the user is interested in the content of your site but do not remember having this option to return another day much easier. Most often users come to your site randomly browsing search engines, clicking on links to other pages, etc.., And another day will not remember how to get back to this place.

6. - Always think from the point of view of the user. Perhaps you think your home has a very attractive, but when the user drops on it this takes too long to load (if it takes more than 15 seconds are over), or there is excessive advertising, or pop it open, or not is well sorted and classified information. It is very important to make your website accessible from all browsers, but more importantly, they have visited your site first think to do it again another day.

7. - Reminds users that your site is updated periodically. If you update the contents of the sections but the main page always the same user may think there's nothing new to see. Change the layout of the pages (especially the principal) from time to time, but changes are visual only. Add always different phrases or images that call the user's attention like "New section" or copy and paste a small striking image.

8. - Do not post your site and give high in the search engines without having completely finished before. Da very angry to see an interesting link on a search engine or a resource center announcing information that is not available because the site is under construction. Also, think that a good website is always updated.

9. - Whatever the theme of your site speaking, it never hurts to add some general services such as search, news, horoscopes, lottery, world maps, webcams, etc.. Probably very few people visit these links, but cost very little to make and give very professional touch to your home page, and users can make the homepage used to always find anything to start the browser. There are many servers that offer these services free of charge to webmasters, from WebTaller can access them all.

10. - The popular 3 clicks rule says that no information of your website should be more than three clicks from the homepage. We sincerely believe that it is still better to download this reference in 2 clicks, a homepage and all sections to a click, if your site becomes a great web theme you may need to create sub, then yes you can expand the 2 clicks in 3 .

11. - In the same way it has to be easy to reach every corner of your website, you should also be perfectly suitable way to return to the home page. Nor should link the different sections of the website with links strangers within effects, etc.. (There are many sites where you have to do to enter before a long animation that often do not care).

12. - It is also very common failure insert showy backgrounds or too dark, which is difficult to read the text (usually what is most interesting is the navigator). Sometimes we think the text is hard to read but we must try to read it for a long time to check if we have a headache after five minutes of my reading (also often happens in many places!).

13. - You must be careful with the sources you use. Many people create a website with a strange font that you have downloaded from internet but most users do not have installed on your PC, so you will see another default font (Arial, Times New Roman, etc..). This can cause a very strange effect on us, things misaligned frames that are out of the page, where there should be pictures, etc. Use it whenever you can the most common sources of Windows.

14. - Beware javascripts colorful insert showing strange and funny texts on the bar top or bottom of the window. This is usually very spectacular but the user much tired.

15. - Do not design your site for a particular browser. The typical message "This site is best viewed with Internet Explorer" is totally dictatorial and abusive. Although Microsoft's Internet Explorer is becoming the most used browser, many people are reluctant to Microsoft's monopoly and will always using the Netscape Navigator. Of course, not only to design your page Navigator or any other browser. It has to be fully compatible with all. To do that test before publishing and visualize with different browsers, operating systems and resolutions. Remember that what you want is that the page the more people see better, and it has to be as compatible as possible with all kinds of combinations of software.

16. - Obviously it is not advisable to insert music files or large images that all you get is slow the page load. What matters is the content to the user, and only with good content will get you revisit your website. Aesthetics are important, but you can get a good swell both aesthetic without page loading.

17. - Always insert a short description for each image using the parameter "ALT" within the diretiva "IMG". He thinks that many users still have slow connections configured browsers to view pages in mode "text only". If your site relies too heavily on animated gifs, banners, etc., At least try to replace a good text description of what the user sees.

18. - And do not use frames. Only slow loading of the page and can be replaced by alternatives. Ten imagination and find a remedy to prevent the frames, even better on every page insert a link to all sections to resort to being "partitions" screen. In many monitors are very bad, and also confuse search engine robots.

19. - It offers the user the opportunity to contact you, either with your e-mail or a short form. Many people want to explain things, ask or exchange information, links, etc. If you do so anonymously or convenient insert a web forum and occasionally answers questions from users, including many users answer questions from other saving you this little work. The possibility to contact the webmaster for further information or detail is very important for the reliability and proper functioning of a good website and costs much less than you think.

20. - Quick charge: It is very important to define the size that occupy the pictures, because that first load the browser all the text on the page and reserve the height and width of the images to load at the end of everything. This way the user will not have to wait until all images are loaded to start viewing the page content. This is achieved by defining the parameters "width" and "height" within the guidelines <IMG>.

21. - There is a theory that with lowercase letters takes 30% less in reading than capitalization. Moreover, a text can bring all caps including headache. Use capital letters, bold, italics and headers only when appropriate, well selecting only what you want to draw attention.

22. - Not underline texts could be mistaken as links and can annoy the user. Remember that you have to pamper the most

23. - Obviously put on the main page about the most interesting content of your website, and yet, the most important first, so you call up the user's attention.

24. - There is another addition to the rule of "three clicks". The bar "scroll", above the horizontal. (The bottom bar to move the window contents from left to right and vice versa). The vertical bar is almost inevitable in most pages with minimal content, but the landscape is very annoying, you should avoid it whenever possible.

25. - It is also important to optimize external links. When a user "clicks" on a link to the web "" your browser will take longer than expected to find the page "usually called index.aspl". To save a little this time out the link should be to " / index.aspl" or even "" with the trailing slash.

26. - Avoid the usual tricks to sell more. Do not post things that are lies or exaggerate anything you can offer in your pages and get the opposite effect because the user will not return.

27. - Accountants: not as useful as it sounds. The user rarely care about the number of visits and also usually have an "escape hatch" (although it seems silly to have to avoid most, a point which the user usually easily out of the page by clicking on the statistics). In addition, a page with very few visitors can make the user believe that the page is of very poor quality, but it is not. By contrast, a page with an exaggerated number of views that the user can make that are false (this happens often) or think that the page is always saturated by the large influx of visitors.

28. - When you've finished your pages and you're ready to publish, before an overview beam, optimizes the HTML and images (especially on the home page, which is the most commonly seen, and the first impression is the counts). You can see tricks WebTaller optimization section or go to some wizard as WebSiteGarage Online helps you optimize and correct errors on your web pages ...

29. - It is becoming fashionable to enter a page a window "forcing" the user to vote for the web in a ranking, visit the sponsor (the webmaster usually wins in these cases so much per click, but this is absolutely illegal and in most cases is very easily detected by the advertising company, etc.). There are even pages automatically open an advertiser as if the user had clicked on a banner. This is a total lack of professionalism and will only (for sure!) That the user does not return. They are also often see messages like "please click on our sponsor" or "before moving on to the next section click on the banner." These messages are also prohibited by sponsors and should be avoided or charging problems

30. - Finally, sections WebTaller query to optimize the code and images on your pages, to find out how to register in search engines, to make money with your website and give it a constantly renewed content

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Re: Tips For Your Web.

Mensaje por Deryan el Dom Sep 16, 2012 1:11 pm

Excelent post , for all users webmaster of United States

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